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Ensure you’re getting the very best care available. As a recognised obstetrician at Norwest Private Hospital, and both Private and Public Westmead Hospital, Dr Siriwardena maintains a focus on providing professional, respectful and reliable OBS support for patients across Western Sydney.

With decades of experience in his field, Dr Siriwardena is a specialist you can trust to provide knowledgeable, compassionate consultation. In private practice since 2001, he’s assisted thousands of women in getting the care they need to live the life they want. Discuss your needs with the doctor.

An experienced obstetrician helping you through this transformative period

Dr Siriwardena understands that – especially for first time parents – pregnancy is a stressful time of life where you’ll need all the answers you can get.

Obstetrician Consulting rooms

Telephone: 02 9633 1349

Facsimile: 02 9891 4944

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Consulting Hours
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To assist you through this nine-month journey, the doctor invites you to book an initial consultation for between 8 and 10 weeks of gestation (counting from the end of your last menstrual cycle). Thereafter, you’ll have subsequent consultations every three to four weeks, increasing to every fortnight in the final two months.

During consultations, you and your child will be rigorously screened to ensure you’re both in the best health. If you have any special questions about your pregnancy, we invite you to bring them.

Providing gynaecological assistance from Norwest and Westmead Private Hospitals

Our clinic can provide consultation for a variety of conditions and irregularities, including counselling for women hoping to conceive, or women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids or pelvic pain amongst others.

Having established a reputation for his portfolio of satisfied clients, Dr Siriwardena has been involved in the delivery of hundreds of newborns. With a passion for his line of work and a wealth of experience, he has become a leading obstetrician for Sydney’s west.

We encourage you to contact the doctor’s rooms with any questions or to make an appointment. Please call 02 9633 1349 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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